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When do you need Knee sleeves for lifting?

When do you need Knee sleeves for lifting?

We all know how important it is to stretch at the beginning of a workout session. Knee sleeves are designed to improve your performance and promote longevity in your joints.

Knee sleeves don't give you permission to squat heavy weights, but they can help protect you from future injury.

Knee sleeves are a simple way to treat knee pain and improve joint health. With the right size, they'll provide some cushioning while also reducing soreness by improving blood flow and keeping your joint nice and warm

Knee sleeves improve your awareness of where your knees are. Lots of people find their kneecap sensation gets better when they use knee sleeves. This can be really safe when you play sports or just want to avoid accidents by being more aware of what's happening around your legs.

Knee sleeves help improve technique and reduce injury chances when it comes to lifting. Considering how affordable they are, I find it amazing that more people don’t wear them.



Knee sleeves provide moderate compression, which provides a level of warmth to the knee joint. They also limit the range of motion within which you can fully contract your muscles. Although they don't offer protection from idiotic antics such as squatting heavy weights, they can still be a good preventative measure. Most knee sleeves are made out of neoprene. So are Reeva Europe Fitness knee sleeves

Regardless of your goals, I recommend knee sleeves - they can help you lift more and stay pain free.

These Sella knee warmers are of the perfect size, so that they won't affect your lifting technique. They will keep your knees warm and promote healthy joints.

I used to get terrible pain in my knees after squatting, which often happened in the gaps between heavy sets or post-workout. But since wearing knee sleeves, I haven't had any problems like this.



One key difference between knee braces and wraps is that a wrap will cover the area of the joint where people run into a lot of pain, whereas a brace doesn't.

If you have an unstable knee, you probably won’t find relief from your pain by using a knee sleeve. Talk to a doctor if the pain is serious and there are mobility issues. Knee sleeves are a great way to keep your joints in top condition. Knee braces serve as an alternative once initial symptoms and inflammation has already manifested itself.



Knee sleeves are more popular than knee wraps among fitness enthusiasts, as they are less intrusive and easier to use. However, it is important to note that the benefits of these protective gear items apply differently for each person.



Knee wraps allow you to lift more weight which is not true for knee sleeves. All sleeves may provide a 1-3% increase AT MOST and most don't provide any increase in weight lifted.




There's a particular eccentric (downwards) phase of the squat that's more difficult for the knee than others- when it's tight, the increased wrap around the knee makes it harder to bend. this is the moment during a squat when your butt finally reaches the bottom of your squat. It creates a slingshot effect which is released during phases of the exercise, resulting in heavier and faster squats.

There might be some confusion at this point. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. If knee wraps make my squat go up and knee sleeves don’t, why shouldn’t I use them?

Though some might argue this point, knee wraps are often unnecessary for strength development. They're bulky and restrictive, much like a knee brace, which causes discomfort and pushes the patella (kneecap) downwards.

While they might help powerlifters squatting at a high level, they won’t do the same for your average gym goer. It can actually make it more difficult for those not squatting with perfect form.

It's a common injury for powerlifters to injure their quad muscles during a squat - which is why USAPL allow them in competition. Knee wraps are also seen as helpful in reducing the risk of injury with data to back up its use.

If that sounds like you, check out our knee sleeves



If you’re new to squatting, or have never felt knee pain in your life then you can probably skip the knee sleeves. But if you’ve been lifting for a good amount of time and are comfortable with your squat form, I have no doubts that you will experience benefits ont he mat from wearing them! Of course, if you're limited on budget then it doesn't really matter what training gear you buy. You can just prioritise what things are needed the most at first and then go from there.


The knee sleeves provide a lot of support, and though some people would benefit more than others, the usage of them is entirely risk-free. You can do squats and lots of other exercises while looking fit. You'll be preventing injury on the way. And, when you weigh more, your workout is usually safer, more effective, and more fun!

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