Transform Your Squats with Unmatched Stability

Say goodbye to instability during your squats. We designed lifting equipment to provide the stability you need for perfect form. Experience the confidence of squatting with gear that supports every move, helping you to squat deeper and stronger.

Your secret weapon for unlocking new levels of strength

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Used daily by more than 15.000 powerlifters and gym-fanatics.

Achieve unshakable stability during your squats with Reeva's ergonomically designed equipment. Feel the difference in every squat.

Why do you need a Lifting Belt?

We've all been there. Trying to push for a new PR, but not maintaining a proper form. Knowing you have the support of a quality lifting belt allows you to focus on your lifts without second-guessing your form.

This boost in confidence is a game-changer, enabling you to tackle heavier weights and push yourself beyond previous limits.

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