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Boxing Gloves Leather - Silver

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The new Reeva suede leather boxing gloves are made from a mix of high quality fabrics that are extremely durable. The mold is made of a special foam that absorbs shock better than conventional (kick) boxing gloves. The adjustable closure system ensures that the wrists remain well supported for ultimate safety when punching. The micro mesh tunnel system wicks away sweat and regulates the temperature inside the boxing gloves.
  • Extremely durable leather 
  • Mold is made of special foam which absorbs shock better
  • Adjustable wrist support system for safety
  • micro mesh tunnel system for moisture and temperature regulation

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      Gloves for every type of boxing training

      There are many different types of gloves that are used for the different branches of martial arts and self-defense. We have collected the best and most sold gloves per category for you.

      What to look for when buying boxing gloves

      Correct weight/size is important and there are standard guidelines. For a man, training with 14 oz or 16 oz is common. A woman's weight should be about 12 oz. It is also wise to buy a leather boxing glove. Leather is always better than artificial leather. Our Reeva boxing gloves are made of genuine buffalo leather, so we can guarantee the best quality.