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Cinturón de levantamiento de pesas €99,00
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Cinturón Powerlifting €99,90
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Cinturón de nylon para levantamiento de pesas €34,95
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The best lifting belts on the market

Our lifting belts and other lifting gear meet the highest quality standards, are made of durable materials and are approved by powerlifting organizations.

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Experience unparalleled support and unrivaled durability for your most intense training sessions with Reeva Europe. Our weightlifting belts are designed to elevate your performance, whether you're an avid powerlifter, bodybuilder, CrossFit enthusiast, Olympic lifter, or simply love heavy lifting.

Our weightlifting belts are engineered to deliver exceptional support during lower body movements and back workouts, ensuring you can lift with confidence and maintain proper form. Witness how fitness enthusiasts rely on Reeva Europe's weightlifting belts to enhance stability and provide crucial support while pushing their boundaries.

Choose from our premium range of weightlifting lever belts and buckle belts, available in a variety of stylish color options. With Reeva Europe, you'll discover the perfect companion to tackle your heaviest lifting days and take your training to new heights.

What is a Lifting Belt?

The weightlifting lever belt is a top-of-the-line weightlifting accessory that offers unparalleled support and stability during your lifts. This belt is made for powerlifters and athletes, giving them the most support where they need it. Use the lever belt for weightlifting to improve breathing and feel comfortable without any hip discomfort.

The Reeva weightlifting lever belt is made with excellence in mind and comes in different thickness options for different lifting levels. For those starting their lifting journey, the recommended thickness is 10mm, which remains the most popular choice. However, as you progress and tackle heavier weights, the next option is the 13mm thickness, providing an extra level of support.

The Reeva weightlifting lever belt guarantees its superior quality by meticulously constructing it using premium leather materials. Additionally, it has a strong lever made of tough steel, allowing it to handle tough lifting sessions effortlessly. Trust the Reeva Europe weightlifting belt to boost your performance with reliability and support.

What to consider when choosing a Lifting Belt

At Reeva, we have thoroughly tested our weightlifting lever belt to ensure it meets the highest standards. We have meticulously perfected the form, fit, and function of our lifting belt, making it accessible to all athletes.

This belt is sleek and durable. It has an easy-to-use lever, strong stitching, and high-quality leather. It is designed for long-lasting use.

We are so confident in its quality that our weightlifting lever belt comes with a one-year warranty covering both the lever and the belt! Should you encounter any rare issues, simply reach out to us, and we'll be there to assist you.

Why you should invest in a Lifting Belt

Investing in a Reeva weightlifting belt is a smart decision for multiple reasons. These belts prioritize your back's safety during weightlifting exercises while ensuring you maintain proper lifting techniques and stability. The Reeva weightlifting belt helps you engage and tighten your muscles and core by using the correct breathing technique. This provides stability, especially when lifting heavy weights.

A Reeva weightlifting belt helps you confidently focus on your goals. It supports your stability and safety during your lifting journey.